• 11/11 Normal Antorus, lets clean up fights and work on Heroic
  • TBK has gone Horde and moved to Thrall
  • TBK on Silver Hand still exists and I am not opposed to continue a presence there, if anyone is interested in running things Alliance side contact Zanatos

Welcome to the Blood Knights of Thrall Guild Page

First off, let me give you some background information. A friend of mine created The Blood Knights back in the beginning of Ultima Online. While UO began to decline and most of the original members going their separate ways I took up the reins. Therefore, while under my administration TBK journeyed through various diversions. Consequently cementing as an Alliance guild on Silver Hand within the World of Warcraft and have since transitioned to Horde on the Thrall server.  Most of all I have strived to see TBK develop and thrive through various games simultaneously. As a result, I have recently started putting that plan into action.

Most of all TBK is based on the conviction that its individuals are not only pixels on the screen. In summary, they’re individuals, they’re friends, ultimately, they’re family and we endeavor to create genuine enduring relationships. Because of this belief individuals are not expected to be “the best”, only their best. So our community exists to develop each other and help each other meet its objectives, as a group and individually, in a peaceful and respectful environment.

To all past and present member I thank you for making TBK what it is. To every one of you who are not, we hope some of you choose to take a risk to experience our community and help it grow.